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2015/05 OPRICHTING VAN MMM Belgium

Is dit niet het mooiste geschenk voor alle mama’s
Gelukkige moederdag aan alle mama’s!

2015/05 How we can conciliation between work and family life become a reality?

During 2014, it has been our priority to identify concrete measures to promote conciliation between work and family life at EU and national level. Mothers have expressed increased worries with the challenges they face in balancing both. As part of an alliance, initiated by COFACE (the Confederations of Family organizations in the EU) MMM actively contributed to the European Reconciliation Package (ERP).


2015/05/ 06 Making Mothers Matter at the European Parliament #thelastpush

MMM took a group of mothers with babies and pregnant women to the European Parliament as part of our campaign to encourage a revision of the Maternity Leave Directive. Mothers were warmly welcomed by Maria Arena MEP (S&D, Belgium) who spoke with them on the work being done to improve the health and safety of mothers at work. Following this encounter we walked with our buggies and bellies through the Parliament and attracted the attention of the passersby to join a session of the women's rights committee where we were also applauded. A resolution was successfully adopted asking the Commission to prepare a legislative initiative to revise the maternity leave directive as an immediate alternative to be started under the Luxembourg presidency of the Council in order to improve health and safety of mothers and face demographic challenges while reducing inequalities between men and women.

2015/04 Help us with the final push on the "Maternity Leave Directive"#Delivernow

MMM has launched a campaign to save the Maternity Leave Directive. We need your help to put pressure on the European Commission and National Governments to keep this proposal in the EU agenda. Can mothers rights really be scrapped in the name of better regulation??
The European Commission announced that the directive will be withdrawn if there are no advancements in the negotiations in the Council by the 25th of May! The proposal is aiming at extending the maternity leave period at EU level from 14 to 18 weeks with 100% compensation.


2015/ 03 MMM asks for more flexibility needed in the working time directive consultation

The European Delegation of Make Mothers Matter participated in a public consultation organised by the European Commission on the revision of the Working Time Directive. Our main message was that the current directive does not allow workers the right to reconcile work and family life and at  present they only have limited possibilities to ask for flexible working arrangements. MMM indicated teleworking, flexitime and other performance based working schemes should be promoted. Moreover we asked that employees should have a right to ask for a reduction of their working hours and the employer should duly consider it. Currently, flexible working time schedules are rather widespread in the north and west of Europe and very limited in the East and South. According to the latest OSHA and Eurofound report on psychosocial risks in Europe 25% of workers experience work-related stress and a similar proportion reports that work negatively affects their health. Please click here for the full reply

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